‘Apotheosis’ by Ross Friedman

27 Apr



Death welcomes Tom Maxwell, a policeman, into the world of the afterlife. Maxwell will learn to work with the complexities of his new world, a world of a new DNA, the shock of not meeting his God, hieroglyphs and psychic power beyond his wildest dreams as a hard-boiled New York City cop finds himself tested in his faith. A heart-stopping metaphysical adventure into time, space and immortal energy, Ross Friedman’s Apotheosis is a shot of pure light into the dark horizon of science fiction.

As Science’s endless pursuit of answering the unanswerable questions never tires, Maxwell is challenged to question the intent of the questions themselves. Perhaps the endless pursuit is designed to be endless? Destiny has a design for Tom and it is a man named Ajay Mehra who will show him the way. In Daygon, the world he finds himself in, Tom is tasked to protect God’s intent…

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