The Carnarvon Creeper

3 May

In celebration of my friend and fellow indie having his book featured on Indies Unlimited Saturday Showcase, I am reposting my review of The Carnarvon Creeper. Hope you all can stop by and congratulate Martin and wish him well.

Set in the isolated west coast of Australia, The Carnarvon Creeper is the tale of one man’s journey of soul searching after the tragic death of his wife. Joe Rafton, or “Chilli”, embarks upon his solo drive in a rented Volkswagen Kombi campervan, starting in Perth and intent on covering the 570 mile trek to Carnarvon. The long stretches of mind numbing desert highway, straddling the coastline, seem to be providing Joe with the desired effects, as so often is the case for one pondering over existential matters.

But it is December and this desolate country is plagued by unexplained disappearances particularly during this month. Soon, Joe will wish that he had a travelling companion as his melancholy pilgrimage takes a turn to terror. What lurks beyond the sands of timeless loneliness that feeds upon those that are lost and weary?

The Carnarvon Creeper will grip you from page one and have you hungrily devouring its contents in one fell swoop. This is one novella that that demands reading. I am not joking. Pick up your copy today!


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