Whatever. I really liked “Silent House” (2011).

3 May

Eric, I agree, this was a great horror film. I like that kind of continuous take style of filming, like in the more recent ‘Birdman’.
There was another horror film that I saw around the same time as ‘Silent House’, that I sometimes mix my memories with this film. I think it is called ‘Lovely Molly’, but I am not totally sure on that title.
I think I will have to watch both of these horror movies with young female leads again very soon. Perhaps as a double feature!

Eric Robert Nolan, Author

Elizabeth Olsen is goddam amazing. Her performance in “Silent House” (2011) alone is worth the price of a rental. She honestly makes me think of a young Jodie Foster.

I’m surprised this film was so widely panned. I thought it was generally good, and I’d give it an 8 out of 10. It was damn scary, and it had some nifty devices going for it. One was its real-time action, another was its exclusive use of very long tracking shots, that were carefully edited to make the entire film look like one, long continuous take. Another was filming a lot of scenes in almost complete darkness – capturing Olsen’s character’s point of view as she flees through a house from a mostly unseen assailant.

Was this supposed to be a twist movie? If so, it failed in that sense. The plot development toward the end was spelled out early on…

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