Into The Cave

19 May

PorterGirl continues to shed light on her recent discoveries. The photos she shares are very intriguing and ancient.
Come have a look for yourself…

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

It has always irked Head Porter that I am a naturally noisy beast, seemingly unable to exist without an accompanying cacophony of clatters and banging and vocals at decibels that offend the more delicately inclined. This has been the case since I was very tiny, a fact my poor mother will attest to even today.

However, my racketiness pales in comparison to that of the Professor’s, who somehow manages to sound like a raging mob, all of his own volition. This is a trait I find most admirable. Quite how the echos of his footsteps achieve the impression of a herd of hippos is, indeed, a wonder. I find myself stamping along to this chorus as we venture further into the Templar cave.

As the path steepens, I find my footing a little less sure than it could be and am soon trailing behind Professor Duke, who is chattering away…

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