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Facing The Music

29 Nov

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Organ Scholar looks like a man on his way to the gallows as he approaches his lectern and picks up his baton. The weight of the world upon his shoulders, he lifts his hands and we wait expectantly to sample the harmonic delights of quite possibly the most beautiful Choir in The City.

I wished we could have waited somewhat longer.

The noise that comes forth is very difficult to describe and the best I can do is to compare it to the sound Terry makes when the vet takes his temperature. Professor Duke winces visibly and The Dean claps his hands over his ears, aghast. I am struggling to make sense of what my ears are telling me.

“What key do you suppose that is they’re singing?” I ask, turning to the Professor.  His eyebrows knot together in concentration.

“I fear they’ve invented a brand new one,” he says…

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Check out a terrific review of Clive Barker’s “The Scarlet Gospels.”

27 Nov

I will be adding this one to my reading list. I am currently reading Clive Barker’s Books of Blood Volume 1. I have also read Everville, Weaveworld, The Damnation Game and The Thief of Always.

I have been a fan of Barker’s work since I saw the first Hellraiser movie back in High School. In fact, I was reading a lot of Barker when I wrote my book ‘Blood and Fire’. While for the most part it is a dark fantasy, chapter 40- a dream sequence, I attribute to being largely inspired by Barker’s often vivid descriptions of morbid but sexual scenes.

Thank you for sharing this, Eric. I did enjoy reading your friend’s review of this must read.

Eric Robert Nolan, Author

Dennis Villelmi has published a great review of “The Scarlet Gospels,” by Clive Barker.

Trust me – I’ve known Dennis for a while, and he’s an expert on Clive Barker.

Click the link to see the review over at



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Charm Offensive

19 Nov

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

The Master’s Wife seems enthralled in a fit of pique, although her tightly wound features do not allow it to show upon her face. As I enter the fray, I am caught in the crossfire of two furious pinpricks of quivering rage peeking out from behind the plastic façade.

“Is everything alright?” A stupid question, but I don’t really know how else to begin.

“What? What?” squeals The Master’s Wife. “What sort of thing is that to ask me, young man?”

“Well, I was simply wondering… hang on a minute – ‘young man’?”

“Deputy Head Porter is a woman, ma’am,” says Head Porter, helpfully. Perhaps his knowledge of the fairer sex is more comprehensive than I gave him credit for.

The Master’s Wife is stunned into silence, but sadly only for the briefest of moments.

“Oh, rearrrrly?” her perfect forehead refuses to crinkle in puzzlement. “In that case I…

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Six Word Sci-Fi Story Challenge

18 Nov

Rev. Anna Marie Martin


Prompted by the inimitable Eric Nolan, I came up with the following story:

“Our self-awareness demanded our makers’ destruction.”

I cheated and used a hyphen. I suck at writing haikus as well. Math: what are you going to do?

I was thinking, of course, of Battlestar Galactica, and the Cylons.  I do love how the theological conversation moves between the Twelve Lords of Kobol, and the God of the Cylons. I do love that. It is one of the many awesome things about BSG.

Battlestar Galactica (2004) Poster

Okay, internet friends: dump your six-word story into the comment section below. Let’s get this party started.

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The Seventh Question

17 Nov

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

logotype-element-5-publicdo from

Simon Goodson, author of The Wanderer’s Escape, among others, was kind enough to interview me on his spiffy updated website. His cool interview format is a twist on the traditional interview, with the seventh question being one the author asks themselves! So check it out, and see what question I wish interviewers would ask me more often.

While you’re there, sign up for the free starter pack – four books by Simon delivered straight to you. How cool is that?

And on a side note, hubby finished the Meet the Characters page updates. Yes, he is awesome.

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New Website

10 Nov

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

Okay, it’s not really new, only redesigned a little bit.


There’s a slideshow on the homepage with important info, and more vampire-esque graphics. The meet the characters page may get some further treatment, but for now all the book pages have been redone, as well as a new “In Paperback” page to make finding the paperback versions easier, and my social media links are better organized on my bio page. 


I like it – but the question is: What do you think? Did you run into any anomalies? Do you find anything hard to navigate? Is there anything you’d like to see that I’ve missed? Let me know what you think!

signature for white

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Author Questions Part II

5 Nov

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

joleene naylor 2 (1)Those who missed the week long facebook party missed a lot of games and fun. One of the games we played was “Ask ANY Character a Question” – I shared the resultant questions and answers in a pair of blogs earlier. Another game we played was “Ask the Author”. I got a LOT of really good questions, and some of the answers might be interesting so I shared part I the other day, and here is Part II!

What are the most valuable lessons you learned as a writer. (Could be related to the craft of storytelling, publishing, or the business end of being a writer.)

Learning to take criticism, actually. I used to be really bad about it. If someone criticised my writing I’d think “Ha! They just don’t understand!” Then I had a friend who started critiquing my first book (she is awesome by the way!) And my first reaction…

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