The Complexities Of Eyebrows

19 Jan

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

As the daylight withdraws its gentle amber fingers from the Porters’ Lodge and retreats towards a velvety evening sky, Porter and I are quietly comparing the prices of candles, of all things. Old College uses a lot of candles and periodically we are tasked with conducting fact-finding missions to explore this unique market. It makes no difference, of course; Old College has been buying its candles from the same family-owned supplier for over one hundred and seventy five years. They are unlikely to allow a silly thing like thrift get in the way of tradition.

I used to shake my head in disbelief at such a pointless endeavour but I am now so accustomed to College life that it actually seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to me now. We pay little attention to the actual details. Porter is in an unusually talkative humour this evening and is merrily advocating…

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