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#FirstLineFriday – Lykke

29 Jul

First line from chapter 3 Campfire Stories

‘ Sparx is good about keeping herself in Nick and Drake’s line of sight.’

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

FLFIt’s time for #FirstLineFriday! On Friday, authors post the first one or first two lines of a potential work, a work-in-progress, or a published work  on their blog, and title the post #FirstLineFriday (just like this). It’s  a lot of fun, so feel free to join in! You can share your link on my blog comments, or on Rami Ungar’s (the brains behind FLF).

Today’s first line comes from the short story Lykke, part of the Thirteen Guestscollection.

Lykke waited patiently for Edvard. She’d finished her breakfast and made it to the hallway, but he’d stopped to talk to someone. She could always back track to pick him up again, but it seemed easier to wait.

What do you think? What’s your first line for the week?

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Accountability & Systems on Auto-Pilot

29 Jul

I’ve often wondered if I have ADD, even though I was never diagnosed with it.
Some of these treadmill activities mentioned in this article that people have a difficult time commencing, but that become routine once started, ring true to me.
I never make my bed anymore, but have my grooming ritual down to the point where I am hardly aware of the process while engaging in it.
Perhaps the not making the bed thing is just pure laziness on my part. I don’t know.

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

Systems Development is Part ONE
It’s that consistent follow-through part that’s the killer!

©Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

Treadmill Deja Vu

As I explained in Keeping Up with the Treadmill Tasks, published over 2-1/2 years ago, Treadmill Tasks are those things that are never really done. No sooner do we put a task behind us than its evil twin materializes in front.

If we expect to eat every day, somebody has to fix the food. Then somebody has to deal with the dishes at least once a day or so, and wipe spills off the counters and the floor (at least well enough to keep the Board of Health away from our door).

Oops, let’s not forget to take out the garbage – and how about that grocery shopping?

Found HERE

Then there’s the general digging out: policing the living rooms and the bedrooms, the kitchens and the…

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Sunset, Naples, Italy

29 Jul

Tina Wanderlust

Sunset, Naples, Italy

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I Need Your Vote!

28 Jul


Please head over to Indies Unlimited and check out the Flash Fiction entry for Lance. If you like what you read, please vote!

All votes need to be in by 5PM Pacific Time tonight!

Thanks everybody!

Here’s that link:

Flash Fiction Writing Prompt: Migration


Book Review

28 Jul

The Pervasion of Christian Kraus by Nathan Kuzack

Horror is (and always will be) my favorite reading genre. Still, there are so many authors and titles to choose from. How does one separate the good from the bad, while avoiding the ugly?

Reviews certainly do help. But, sometimes you just stumble upon a gem that happened to be given away by the author. Even then, when you have so many eBooks in your Kindle library, it might take a while to finally get around to reading it.

The Pervasion of Christian Kraus is such a novel for me. I apologize to Nathan Kuzack for taking so long before finally reading this fully engaging creature feature. Not only is the monster original (well, slightly reminiscent of a combination between Dr. Octopus from Spider Man 2 and the aliens from the Alien franchise), but the manner in which the author slowly builds the reader up to the horror of the Anguisite is quite ingeniously implemented.

Also, the different organizations interested in the biological entity and keeping its existence under wraps made the story even more interesting. On the one hand, there is a covert government department trying to develop the creature into a biological weapon. On the other, is an ancient order of brotherhood charged with destroying what they consider demons. Finally, there is a religious cult who worship the damn thing and believe it to be their deity.

Caught in the middle of all this is Christian Kraus: a cop, a former military man and father to a son. While on a manhunt for a serial killer, Kraus ends up becoming the unwilling host for this most insidious parasite.

Nathan develops his characters quite well, balancing their humanity with the horror they are faced with. Expect a full gauntlet of emotions as you read this gripping horror. Though some scenes delve into the macabre, Kuzack handles the delicacies of human relationships in such a manner as to make the reader feel bouts of sadness for their plight.

Will definitely be seeking out more titles by this author.

Psst! A Little Secret About My Latest eBook Giveaway Contest

27 Jul


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First Lady Of The Keys – Release Date 1st September 2016

27 Jul

Two projects at the same time?
PorterGirl has surely out done herself this time.

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the news you’ve all be waiting for! Well, some of you have been waiting for. Okay – it’s the news my mum has been waiting for… the release date of the new PorterGirl novel, ‘First Lady Of The Keys’. 

received_10154645040063455.jpeg‘First Lady Of The Keys’ is a reworking of my debut novel, Secret Diary Of PorterGirl – so if you bought that one, you will probably feel a bit hard done by if you fork out for this one too. There are significant changes, however, and new characters (including a love interest for Deputy Head Porter) as this has been re-written to be the first in a series dedicated to the adventures of Old College. We even find out Deputy Head Porter’s actual name. Apparently characters have to have names. Pah.

When I get details of pre-order availability, you chaps shall be the first to know. There…

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