Review of When The Lights Go Out

13 Jul


When The Lights Go Out combines two of my favorite characteristics in a book: horror and short stories. Though not every single short I would have given 5 stars to, the overall anthology is well laid out and gives the reader quite the variety of dark tales to delve into.
Among the sub-genres included are vampires, paranormal, the deviant personality, strange and gifted felines, mythology, twists of fate, and dark fantasy.
My two favorite stories in this collection are Unforgotten by Joleene Naylor, and Malediction by Roger Lawrence. The former of these two picks follows the conundrum of two lifelong friends who share a dark secret from their childhood. Recent events combined with guilty consciences bring about an unwelcome conclusion to their ordeal.
Malediction is a great short story that leads the reader through the mysterious life of a seemingly immortal being that appears to be cursed with an eternity of solitude until a solution occurs to him. Tormented by the moral dilemma posed before him, the man has to chose between a wrong doing and the torture of eternal loneliness.


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