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Authors and Angels Reviews Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1

29 Aug

BOOK REVIEW: Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1 by Stephen R. Paolini

Synopsis In a world where vampires seek to enslave humans and use them as cattle for the slaughter, one force stands in the way of their conquest.
Planet Draconos used to be ruled by dragons eons before human or vampire existed. Now commanded by the sun deity, Pyronius, the mighty winged serpents have become linked to the humans they have vowed to protect. When a dragon is hatched at the same moment a human is born, the two become life partners-dragon and rider.

Now in planet Draconos’s most desperate hour, a boy is born both vampire and Dragon rider. Considered freaks, the unlikely boy and dragon are forced to live a life of exile until recent events throw the duo into the world at war.

Will Nick and Drake side with the Dragon riders and help them turn the tide of war in their favor? Or will the ancient vampire, Vlad, corrupt our heroes with the evil powers of the Ooze?



Dragons, Vampires, and Zombies oh my! That is was gets woven together in the start of this epic dark fantasy tale by Stephen R. Paolini. Think of it this way Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1 is Stephen King meets J.R.R. Tolkien. That may not even a good analogy. Imagine ” Said fantasy dragon story” dipped in a vat of “30 Days of Night” and you kind of get Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1. It is an intriguing mix to say the least. You are maybe not quite sure, but then you take that bite and it turns out to be pretty good and soon you have discovered you ate…or in this case read the whole thing up. If you are a lover of dark fantasy you will gobble this book up.

Most importantly I was immensely impressed with Paolini’s battle scenes. They were darkly gruesomely written . I cringed a little reading each detailed bone crushing action of the battles feeling envious wishing I could write a battle scene like that. It was just brilliant. A perfect picture in my mind.

The fantasy planet world Paolini lays out is detailed yet simple. With some writers their big goal is crafting an overly detailed world making it so believable that this place could possibly exist somewhere, then when it comes character time they just plop in some characters in part leaving you with 2-D secondary characters. Paolini did the opposite. While his world is perfectly sound his main focus is his characters. Paolini has good character development. I enjoyed his take on the dragon/human relationship it worked well. It was believably felt. Paolini’s characters are strong, likable and unlikable. The moment where Nakira remembers losing her dragon was eloquently written and felt. It would not of happened if his characters were not so deeply developed that I the reader would feel as well the sting of that characters painful memory. Still, though I wish for a deeper crafting of his planet world. Draconos just seemed so small, and made me wonder more about the world I was in.

Overall Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1 was a wicked dark fantasy read. I was really blown away by the dark intenseness of this book. I’ve never really been into dark fantasy, and I found it fun and entertaining. If you are looking for a good escape, escape to the planet of Draconos in the dark fantasy bookBlood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1.

My rating **** (4 stars)

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The Draconos Saga Has Record Day!

28 Aug


Hello all!

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Whether you are out and about, or having a lazy day at home, my best to you and yours.

I do like to share good news with all my subscribers. I just happen to boot up the old computer to check some emails and whatnot. While I was at it, I checked the report from my bookshelf over at Kindle. To my surprise, Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1 is having a record day!

In addition to selling four units at $1.99 each, the KENP was at 800 pages and counting! For those of you not familiar with the KDP Select program on Amazon Kindle, authors who enroll their books in this program, get paid by pages read by Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Access to your book is included in their monthly membership fee.

For those of you that have already picked up your copy of my ebook-Thank you very much! And to those of you that have been reading it for FREE through your Kindle Unlimited subscription-Way to go!

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Again, thank you all very much, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Good news on brain-aging from The Nun Study

28 Aug

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

Healthy Brains for a Lifetime

We really DON’T have to lose it as we age

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie,CTP, CMC, A.C.T, MCC, SCAC
Reflections on Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Protection

Cognitive decline is NOT inevitable

A quick review before some data that will bring smiles to a lot of worried faces (especially for writers!):

There is still a lot to learn from School Sisters of Notre Dame “Nun” Study — the longitudinal scientific exploration of aging and Alzheimer’s disease originally funded by the National Institute on Aging.  Data, tissue, and genetic material collected in this landmark study will, no doubt, prove invaluable to a great many meta-studies long into the future.

Thanks to the Sisters’ unprecedented generosity of spirit, however, we now know a lot more about how the brain ages than we did, even a few years ago.  We also know more about dementia and what factors seem to be neuro-protective.


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Sunset, Norfolk Island, South Pacific

27 Aug

Grumpy Interview

26 Aug

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

I wasn’t my usual chipper self when giving this interview, and when I received the notes back I realised that I sound like a proper arsey little madam!

00 lucy 2 Looking pretty arsey here.

1. I was surprised when you told me that Porters in a College don’t actually carry any bags for anyone. They simply guard the keys.

Portering is far more than just guarding keys, I assure you! The Porters ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day business of College life, handling everything from the post to broken hearts. They are the backbone of academia – providing security, advice and a friendly ear at any time of the day or night. Guarding keys, indeed. Pah! Philistine. 

2. PorterGirl is a work of fiction but based heavily on your life as the first female Deputy Head Porter at a Cambridge college. What was the hardest thing about writing this book?


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Smashwords Alerts

26 Aug

Nice feature!

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

Smashwords has added an awesome new feature: Smashwords Alerts. When you sign up, Smashwords will send you an email alert when the authors you’re following have a new release. That means whenever I publish a new free short story, or a new novel, Smashwords will let you know. All you have to do is sign up.

To follow an author, log into your Smashwords account at, then find your favorite author’s page. On the left side, under users who’ve favorited the author, you’ll find a button to favorite the author and to subscribe to author alerts.


But what if you don’t buy books from Smashwords? What if you like Barnes and Noble, or Amazon better? I can’t speak for all authors, but when I publish a book or story on Smashwords, I also publish it on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and all the others, so an alert…

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Purple Tarn, North Yorkshire Moor, England

25 Aug