Bobo: My Review

3 Aug


Bobo by [Schiver, Richard]

Bobo. A clown? A doll? Or something much more disturbing…

I do love a good horror short. Bobo fits this criteria. However, the disturbing factor in this twisted tale makes it not for the faint of heart. Abuse, at its most sinister level, can scar a reader almost as much as the victim one is reading about.

The author tells this terrifying short story in kind of a cyclical manner. Often one is left pondering the time line involved in the story. Some events are in the past. Some are in the present. But, as told through the perspective of the subject of these abuses, time seems to be a meaningless thing. A living hell of a life can play such tricks on the mind.

So, before picking up a copy of Bobo and delving into its dark depths, ask yourself this question: Do I want to go there?
If you find your eyes are willing and able, proceed with wild abandonment, as your view of the world will never be the same again…

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