Up Close & Personal: The Dean Of College

22 Aug

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

In the run up to the release of the brand spanking new PorterGirl novel – First Lady Of The Keys – I thought it was high time we got to know the incumbents of Old College somewhat more intimately, and who better to begin with than the mighty Dean of College?


Handsome, intimidatingly brilliant and somewhat unhinged, The Dean of College is a force of nature. Little is known about The Dean’s personal life, if he indeed has one, as he takes his role very seriously indeed. Answerable only to The Master (and often, not even him), his primary objective in College is to ensure everything is done in the correct way, which is of course his way. The Dean’s area of academic excellence lies in law and he is unusual among The Fellowship in that he actually had a highly successful career out in the real world before taking…

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