Stephen R Paolini Blood and Fire the Draconos Saga Volume One

20 Dec

DM Yates Journalings

One of the books I’ve read that really impressed me is ‘Blood and Fire’ by Stephen R Paolini.

Stephen has a way of writing that is unique and the storyline involving humans, dragons, and vampires is a different take than usual. His book is rated 5 stars, and well it should be. This is a tale that all fantasy lovers should have in their collection.


Nick opens his eyes. It is dusk, his usual waking time. He is hungry – or thirsty. The two are synonymous for the adolescent. His dirty blonde hair flips about his pale forehead as he rouses himself to a standing position.

From where he stands, the entrance to the cave is barely perceptible. The grey opening is partially occluded by a massive dark silhuette. The large object moves. Now Nick is confronted by a pair of glowing ruby orbs.

Interesting, isn’t it? Want to…

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One Response to “Stephen R Paolini Blood and Fire the Draconos Saga Volume One”

  1. dm yates January 13, 2017 at 2:51 pm #

    You are one fantastic writer!

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