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A Very Vamp-y Valentine’s Party

30 Jan

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

16265666_10211566565825461_193261653917332391_n Banner by Maegan Provan

Join myself and Maegan Provan on February 11th for a Valentine’s Facebook party complete with games, prizes, and all your favorite characters from both the Amaranthine series and Night Touched Chronicles. Verchiel is already getting in the spirit, but I refuse to post his picture here – if you want to see it, check out the event page.

Hoping to see you there! After all, nothing says Valentine’s Day like vampires.

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Publication notice: Eric Robert Nolan to be featured in The Bees Are Dead

23 Jan

Way to go Eric!

Eric Robert Nolan, Author

I received some great news this morning — my colleagues over at The Bees Are Dead have elected to publish a short story of mine.  Its title is “Shine Now, Fiercely, Forever,” and it is a science fiction/horror story about the perils of time travel.

The story should appear sometime over the next month or so — I will link to it here when it does.

Thank you, Philippe Atherton-Blenkiron and Dennis Villelmi!  I am honored!

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Being A Good Writer Doesn’t Make You A Good Author

11 Jan

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

I should know.

Being an author is about so much more than just writing – the writing itself is the relatively easy part. It’s everything else aside from the writing that makes being an author hard. I can string a few thousand words together as well as the next chap, but getting those thousands of words into a format that one would recognise as a novel is a considerable challenge. Story arcs, turning points, conflict and resolutions – all these things have to happen at certain times and in particular ways for your magnum opus to take leap from creative ramblings to an actual, bone fide proper novel.

And all that – not to mention the endless editing and weeping – can seem somewhat dull and certainly detracts from the great, all-encompassing joy of simply sitting down with your characters and having a fine old time of it.


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