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A very short review of the Season 7 premiere of “American Horror Story” (2017)

28 Sep

I think ‘Coven’ was the best season of AHS. If you want to give this show another shot, I’d say check that one out.

I did get several episodes into last season (Hotel), and was impressed with Lady Gaga’s performance.

My least favorite season was probably ‘Freakshow’, though I would recommend checking out the youtube video of Jessica Lange’s rendition of David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars?’

Eric Robert Nolan, Author

I finally got around to watching my first episode of “American Horror Story” last night; I started with this season’s critically praised premiere.  (People have been enthusiastically recommending this show to me for years, and “Game of Thrones” taught me that the bandwagon isn’t always a bad thing.)

I can’t say that I was overly impressed.  Season 7’s opening episode, entitled “Election Night,” consists mostly of heavy-handed political commentary with caricaturized portrayals of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters.  Nearly none of the characters are likable; not even the one played by the terrific Evan Peters.  (Yes, comics fans, that’s none other than Quicksilver from the latest “X-Men” movies.)

There is a lot of “scary clown” horror here, as anyone who’s seen any marketing for the show at all should know.  Between that and the political elements, I suspect I am not the right audience for this show.  I…

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