Aberrant Tales Is Available For Pre-Order

22 Sep




Foggy Day, Budapest, Hungary

23 Jul

Tina Wanderlust

Foggy Day, Budapest, Hungary

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Vacationing with Cthulhu

19 Jul


Artist Chet Phillips, who previously married kaiju with haiku in his Monster Zen poetry book, has created a series of six fantasy travel Posters, inserting familiar monsters into recreations of vintage British railway ads. Start planning a creepy (and thankfully entirely imaginary) vacation now!


Cover to “Aliens vs. Predator: the Deadliest of the Species” #6, John Bolton, 1993

12 Jul

This one goes right along with my last post of the xenomorph gargoyle in Scotland.
Thanks Eric!

Eric Robert Nolan, Author

Dark Horse Comics.


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H.R. Giger’s Gargoyle

8 Jul

Image of the Week

When Paisley Abbey Scotland needed a dozen of its gargoyles replaced in 1991, a stonemason modelled one on the xenomorph from the Alien films.


It’s Quite An Education…

20 Apr

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl




(Want a cheeky paperback in advance of the release date? Click HERE for UK, HERE for US!)

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No More Executioner Stories on Amazon

9 Nov

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

The short version: Through no decision of my own, there will be no more Tales of the Executioner stories  published on Amazon. Those that are already there will either disappear or change to a $.99 price in the coming months. This also effects the Road to Darkness short story.

So get your Amazon copies now.

The long version: While Smashwords has always allowed an author to set their book price to free (as well as distributing that free book to other retailers, like Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks), Amazon hasn’t. AN author who publishes on Amazon has to set their work (even if it’s a 3,000 word story) to at least $0.99. After that, there have been two ways to get your story priced to free. 1) become exclusive to Amazon – so your story appears ONLY on Amazon and nowhere else – and get a week of free…

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