Who Shot Tony Blair? The Novel

23 Oct

Who Shot Tony Blair?

Now available on Kindle and coming soon on paperback!


Not the political thriller we wanted, but the political thriller we deserve



In a post-Brexit, pre-dystopian Britain, the traditional political system has collapsed and Tony Blair is back in Number 10. Only this time, he is tied to a chair in the kitchen under the watchful eye of the accidental Prime Minister’s mother.

Following several years of instability, Britain is more divided than ever. The country has devolved into a ragtag assembly of self-governing provinces, each with their own unique and particular arrangements. 

Elected to the position of Prime Minister of East Anglia by lottery (considered the only true method of democracy by some drunk Cambridge scholars), Lucy Wastell comes to power with the intention of reuniting her beloved country, establishing Cambridge as the new capital city and giving her chums all the top jobs. Which…

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Galaxy of Terror

23 Oct


This scene gives ‘sex with a worm’ a whole new meaning!

Sneak Peek – The Nightingale

17 Oct

I have some catching up to do. Someone has been very busy…

EG Manetti

Breaking volume 6 of the Twelve Systems Chronicle into two full-length novels for release in early 2019 has proved even more challenging than imagined.  Nonetheless, both The Nightingale: The Apprentice, Volume 6, and Bond Proof: The Apprentice Volume 7 are on track.  There is still much to be done, but in the meantime, a brief excerpt from The Nightingale.

The rumble of the propulsion systems softens as the vessel reaches the maximum velocity allowed for intrasystem transit. As the transport passes the second moon, Metricelli Prime is naught but a small green ball.

Milord’s fingers close on Lilian’s. “When did you last review the odds managers’ positions on you?”

“Not since milord forbade it. Shortly after the festival brawl.” Almost two years gone, but the pattern has not faded. Not only did most of the Twelve Systems wish her dead, the odds managers were certain her death was imminent.

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I Need Your Vote!

17 Oct

Indies Unlimited

Please follow the link below and head over to Indies Unlimited to vote for this week’s flash fiction entries. After reading the entries, please vote for Lance.

Thank you!



Pop Goes the Chucky?

17 Oct


Half a pound of tuppeny rice

Half a pound of treacle

That’s the way the money goes

Pop goes the weas…What an ugly doll!



“school shooter” poem featured in Peeking Cat Anthology 2018

14 Oct

Congratulations Eric!

Eric Robert Nolan, Author

Hey, gang! I’m honored today to see my poem “school shooter” published in the Peeking Cat Anthology 2018.

The book was released this morning and features work from 58 creators from around the world. Thank you, Editor Sam Rose, for allowing me to share my voice alongside so many talented writers, artists and photographers.

The anthology is available for purchase in both paperback and eBook format. (You can find purchasing information via the links.)

I hope that you all are having some fun on this cool and crisp October weekend.


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Summer Of 84′

12 Oct

Summer of 84

Jodi quit

Jimmy got married

Timmy went missing

Was the summer of 84′

Got milk?